The SignCreator is a fun program. It allows you to make a picture of a sign with your own text on it.E.g.: You could put your name on it and put it on your room's door :D. A good idea is to use a Minecraft font ( Link). You simply install it and click the "Font" button in this program and choose it. To use this you need at least .Net Framework 3 or Mono.

1. Type in some text and it is automatically put on the sign.
2. When you are finished you click save and choose a path to save it to.
Have fun!


By downloading this you agree with the following:
You are allowed to:
1. use this tool and everything you create with it
You aren't allowed to:
1. redistribute this software or any part of it
2. make money with the software or anything based on it (except the images you create with it)
3. decompile it / get the source code
I am NOT responsible for any damage done to your computer or anything else.

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