With this tool you can create images of recipes (no more, no less). You can NOT add them to Minecraft. For the recipe you can use your own images, so it's more flexible than some webpage that offer this. I also made a collection of the default blocks and items for you. In order to use this, you need .Net Framework 3 or higher or Mono. I hope you like it :D

1. Click a field and choose an image that should be displayed as item.
2. To remove the image again, use a right click and then click "Delete".
3. To change to size of the crafting table, click "Change Look" and then choose one of then (currently only one).
4. You want to change the crafting background? Then click "Change Background" and choose an image.
5. To save the recipe as an image click "Save".

Download Default items

By downloading this you agree with the following:
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1. use this tool and everything you create with it
You aren't allowed to:
1. redistribute this software or any part of it
2. make money with the software or anything based on it (except the images you create with it)
3. decompile it / get the source code
I am NOT responsible for any damage done to your computer or anything else.

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