The Papercraft Creator helps you to create you own papercraft block. That are Minecraft blocks made out of paper. It's really funny! With this program you can create a "construction plan" for such blocks. I made a grass block and placed it on my desk :). Here you can see a photo (no that's not my desk, but the block):

To use this, you need at least .Net Framework 3 or Mono.

1. You click one of the fields (top, bottom, right, etc.)
2. You choose a block image
3. when you are finished you click save and choose a place to save it
4. after saving the finished template is opened with your default image viewer. Then you can print it with the image viewer
5. For detailed instructions on how to papercraft read this

Download Blocks

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You aren't allowed to:
1. redistribute this software or any part of it
2. make money with the software or anything based on it (except the papercrafts you create with it)
3. decompile it / get the source code
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