The ModInstaller was my first program. I also think it's my best Minecraft releated program. It's really simple. It is designed to make installing Mods for Minecraft as easy as possible. The latest version is no longer a desktop program. Now it is a web applet, but anyway you need Java. You can try it, it's very easy and compatible with most mods. You can use drag and drop to add files or a filedialog. Now, you can also install multiple mods at once. After adding your mods, you have to click "Install" and wait a bit (how long depends on the mod's size). Then you should see a message box that shows you which mods have been installed and which haven't. INFO: That does NOT mean that they were installed correctly or that the mods are compatible with your Minecraft and the other mods.
Look at this list to see what mods are already tested: Tested Mods
In order to always see the latest version of this program, you have to clear your Java cache
Anyway, here the installer:

1. It is VERY important that you allow this applet to access your computer. You might see a messagebox that asks you if you trust this applet. You have to check a liitle check box and click OK. Otherwise it won't work!
1. Click "Add Mod" and choose a mod (usually a .zip file) or simply drag and drop them onto the applet.
2. Click the "Install" button
3. Wait until a messagebox with "installation completed" shows up

Please install Java in your browser. Get it here.

By using this you agree with the following:
You are allowed to:
1. use this tool and everything you create with it
You aren't allowed to:
1. redistribute this software or any part of it
2. make money with the software or anything based on it (except the mods with the compytibility file)
3. decompile it / get the source code
I am NOT responsible for any damage done to your computer or anything else.

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