Hello and welcome to my homepage. I'm kirby0016 and I'm..., well, you could say I'm a programmer, but I'm still learning. I made some Minecraft Mods, Minecraft Programs / Tools and some things I didn't published. You can find the mods and tools in the menu on the top of this page.
You don't know what "Minecraft" is? Well, Minecraft is a wonderful, creative game. It is about placing blocks in a big world. You can build huge buildings or explore the world. As the name suggests mining is an important part of the game.
At the moment, I'm not working on the mods and I'm not going to create new ones, but I am going to create some new tools and other projects. One example is the online version of my ModInstaller. Let's think about the possibilities it offers. Installing mods using drag and drop, Installing mods without having to install WinRar or 7zip or any other Zip-Program, installing them quickly on a friend's computer without having to download an installer. You can try it.
Oh, wait! I forgot the best thing. You can use all my creations for free!
BTW: I added a little easter egg to this site. Do you find it?

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